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Richard Herre : Architekt, Designer, Grafiker, Übersetzer 1885-1959

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Publishing company: av edition, Stuttgart, 2019
Publisher: Torben Giese on behalf of the state capital Stuttgart
168 pages, softcover

Richard Herre was one of the central protagonists of modernism in the 1920s in Stuttgart. The diverse and extraordinary work of the architect, designer, graphic designer and translator will now be worked on and presented for the first time.

Characteristic of him was his modern-objective design will, which draws in a great consistency throughout the entire work. He was a companion of Oskar Schlemmer, Willi Baumeister, Richard Doecker, Ida Kerkovius, the couple Hildebrandt and many others. Out of this close artistic network, Herre der Moderne squeezed out a Stuttgart stamp. Richard Herre was an early activist in the German Werkbund. Without him, the Werkbund exhibitions from the 1920s to the Weißenhofsiedlung might never have become reality. It was Richard Herre who designed the famous poster for the exhibition "Die Form" and had set up one of Max Taut's houses in the Werkbund exhibition "Die Wohnung".

His son Frank and his grandson Max Herre have now brought him out of oblivion and continue to write the story of this family, which shapes Stuttgart with its creative will to this day. The publisher Torben Giese has been director of the StadtPalais since 2017 - Museum for Stuttgart and curator of the eponymous exhibition on Richard Herre.

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